You want apples?  We got apples!! We got granny smiths, macintosh, golden delicious, honey crisps all combined into one delicious vape.  How you like them apples?

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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My New Go-To ...

Nice flavor and good throat hit. This is my new go-to for portable. I'll be back for more.
Posted by Steve, 21st Nov 2019


Tastes exactly like a sweet & sour apple. Maybe granny smith? Whatever it is, it's amazing!
Posted by Jewelee, 10th May 2019


Great flavor. It's love a cold glass of delicious apple juice. Best apple flavor I've ever found.
Posted by Mike, 29th May 2018

Great tasting

It taste amazing but makes my lungs hurt if I smoke it all day
Posted by Beth , 15th Apr 2018

Apples & More Apples

If you love Apple’s you’ll love this ❤️
Posted by Caitlyn, 15th Apr 2018


Never had pg free juice. Got here fast, and is great juice. Very, very tasty. Surpassed expectations. Great service. Thanks!
Posted by James, 7th May 2017

OoohhhEmmmGeeee Apples!

Apple Overload is hands-down the best dang juice I've ever vaped! Perfect balance of tart and sweet...tastes exactly like a juicy green apple. It's my new ADV...thank you JF!
Posted by PixelChick, 1st Oct 2016

Just Like Apples

Dang, Juice Mafia made this a great juice - taste just like real apples and sweet just like an apple. This is my go to for an all day vape. Made multiple orders and this juice always ends up on my order....
Posted by Joshua H, 4th Mar 2016

Real Apples

Juse like real apples and not that fake or candy apple stuff. I've ordered 3 bottles of this and wish they had larger sized options - this is my ADV!!!!!!
Posted by Joshua H, 4th Mar 2016