Sweet apple, caramel, and delicate danish all in one vape.  The Caramel inhale sets up the apple pastry exhale.  Sweet and rich, its an awesome dessert vape.



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Great juice

This juice came out way better than I was expecting. I'll definitely be buying this one again!
Posted by Half eaten bagel , 17th Jul 2017


Best flavor I have tried yet over my 6 months of vaping and several hundred MLS of juice from several shops. Strongest flavor noted was the hearty delicious crust and cinnamon spice blend.
Posted by undefined, 30th Sep 2016


Simply Amazing! My favorite juice by far!
Posted by BigScott232, 4th Aug 2016

great flavor

Wasn't sure about it until I tried it. Absolutely love the flavor
Posted by undefined, 2nd Jun 2016

incredible vape!

Where do I even begin?! Apple strudel by JM is probably the best ADV I've ever experienced. This is about as close to an apple strudel/pie flavor I have tried. On the inhale you get a amazing flavor of apple and cinnamon, and a tad bit of maple syrup and on the exhale you get those flavors along with a heavenly, buttery, flaky crust flavor. Absolutely amazing ADV. My absolute favorite right now!!!
Posted by Aaron Joel Zentz, 27th Apr 2016

incredible flavor

flavorby far my favorite flavor I have tried so far!
Posted by Bigscott232 , 21st Apr 2016

huh yeah um yeah

I was sitting here the other day watching my cat, he was so high. I mean I was vaping some Apple Strudel, well the cat looks at me with those tiny slit eyes they get when the X really kicks in and says "Man that smells good". I told him it tastes good but doesn't really taste like strudel. So though its a very tasty juice I think the name should change. My dog who was not high btw suggested Bad Apple.
Posted by Was or is #1, 2nd Apr 2016