Luscious frosting drizzled over a cinnamon pastry.  Our new juice, Bearclaw, tastes just like the real thing, but without the calories.  This is a perfect morning vape to accompany your coffee.  As with any cinnamon vape, plastic tanks are not recommended.


5 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings)
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Bear Claw

This is my go to flavor. After I tried it, I was hooked. Awesome.
Posted by Peter Birdsall, 17th Apr 2017

Best Cinnamon Flavor!

After trying the churrios juice and hating it I didn't think I would like anything cinnamon again. I bought this one for my fiancé since it's his favorite donut. I went ahead and tried it and so far it's my favorite juice ever!!!!!
Posted by undefined, 4th Feb 2017

would vape forever!

Had this one months ago and couldn't get my mind off it, got it again and cant believe I waited so long. The flavor is so pure and clean tasting. Doesn't taste like synthetic cinnamon and you can actually taste the pastry and it tastes fresh!
Posted by Arnee, 31st May 2016


Bearclaw is my ADV everyday always!! Love love love it!!
Posted by Georgia G., 21st Apr 2016

Great taste. poor shipping

I have been purchasing juice from JM for over a year and have always has great service and shipping but for some reason it took 10 days from the date I ordered to receive my order. I tried emailing JM to address the problem but no one responded. I hope it was a fluke.
Posted by Georgia Gifford, 7th Oct 2015

bear claw

Great flavor and great taste. My only complaint was half way through the bottle is became very soapy tasting.
Posted by David J DiMatteo, 5th Oct 2015

Its similar

Along the way I'm sure most of you and strayed off and tried other brand juices along the way. Which of course I have, and found a few flavors I like very well but are extremely expensive. This juice after it steeps tastes similar to Cuttwood's Sugar Drizzle (Sugarbear), it is a lighter, softer vape that isn't quite as sweet and doesn't leave your throat with a coated feeling and of course actually tastes just like a bearclaw. The 3 biggest things for me about it that I like is, its a very well done flavorful vape as described, JM is local, and this very affordable. As always, Thank you JM! Since you're expanding in to Michigan now, have you considered Three Rivers?
Posted by undefined, 19th Sep 2015

all the flavor without the calories

I wasn't sure what to expect with this one in terms of how strong the cinnamon would be and if it would taste like candy cinnamon or real cinnamon, but it tastes so real. It's not to strong but not too weak, just the perfect hint with a sugary taste. Will definitely buy again.
Posted by undefined, 4th Jul 2015

Mouth watering Sweet treat

I am a desert vapor. Bearclaw hits the spot for me mmmmmmmmmm
Posted by Team Single Coil, 14th Feb 2015