Creamy peanut butter meets our rich vanilla custard.  The two flavors literally melt on your taste buds. The peanut butter gives it a very rich, satisfying taste, while the vanilla custard adds a decadent taste the most refined vaper will love.  The effect of this vape is nothing short of pure Bliss.


5 out of 5 (based on 19 ratings)
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Bliss is one of my three all time favorite flavors, vanilla custard and lemon meringue pie being my other two. I have bought many juices from many companies over the past 3+ years and the offerings of E-Cig Works/Juicemafia are by far my favorites. I will start buying from them exclusively.
Posted by Lori, 25th Nov 2018

Pure Bliss

This is my favorite juice! I like that they mix the juice at the time of purchase and I prefer their bottles to dropper bottles.
Posted by Lori, 9th Jun 2018

Finally !!!!!!!

I am always looking for a flavor with staying power! I will get a flavor and like it at first but the more I vape it the less I like it. This one however I can not seem to get enough of I love it!!!
Posted by undefined, 26th Feb 2017

A truly wonderful ADV!

This is my 2nd order with Juicemafia, and I'm REALLY impressed with this one. It sounded good, I saw the photo when I was & wanted to place a new order with this company. I thought maybe it should steep a week or so, but it smelled so good I opened it 4 days after getting it (fast shipping too) and it tastes amazing!! You get a thick and creamy peanut butter, and it isn't overwhelming, and it tastes sooo real. I get the custard hints too, and they're spot on, and NOT fake or cheap tasting either like I've had with some other companies. This is a perfect pair of peanut butter & custard, I am in LOVE! ty! :)
Posted by Rachel Harding, 8th Aug 2016


Was unsure of it when it first came in, smelled it and wasn't sure if it was quite what I was looking for, but wow, awesome flavor and great after taste I will definitely be buying it again. Highly recommend giving it a try. Oh yeah. Super fast shipping. Was suprised it came in so fast. Thanks!!
Posted by undefined, 4th Aug 2016

Best juice ever, It is pure bliss!

Bliss is the perfect name for this juice. It is by far my favourite and i will be ordering as much of this as i can. Beautifully creamy vape that i could vape for weeks on end without switching flavours. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Posted by John M., 3rd Apr 2016


Juicemafia has yet to give me reason not to enjoy their products. I have found another juice that I need to order every month. You guys are making me into an addict. Lol. I get "Berry Crunch", Vanilla Custard" and now will add "Bliss" to my monthly order.
Posted by Mr. 808, 4th Dec 2015

Best Vape yet!

I'm not crazy about most peanut butter vapes but thought I would try this cause it was mixed with custard.....and I love it.....doesn't have a strong fake peanut butter taste at all.
Posted by LeAnn, 12th Nov 2015

Super Tasty Best Peanut Butter Ive Tried

This is my favorite flavor right now just ran out but i love it. Its very comparable to "Lost Art - Peanut Butter Crunch", or "Space Jams - Venus". I actually like this better that Lost Arts. I did get the extra shot of flavor. I wasnt super super happy with it the day i got it, but i let it sit for about a week to allow for "steeping" and 7 days later it was amazing.
Posted by Keith B, 24th Sep 2015