Do you want to know how to make a classic breakfast pastry even better? Add a classic breakfast fruit! Blueberry cinnamon rolls are an amazing way to start any day. Gooey blueberry mixed with spicy sweet cinnamon also makes for an amazing ejuice! This is a great compliment to your morning coffee or as an ADV. 

Not recommended for plastic tanks.


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On the money

do you remember as a kid biting into a juicy ripe blueberry for the very first time? Yep, that's exactly what this taste like. I'd almost swear the little blueberries jumped into my mouth when I wasn't looking. I keep wanting to spit those tiny seeds out yet its just a real good vape. Great flavor.
Posted by undefined, 13th Oct 2014

Fans of blueberry rejoice!!!

Juice Mafia hits it out of the park again with Blueberry Cinnamon! Take Blueberry Dream, add some real cinnamon flavors and you have this wonderful dessert or ADV. I ordered this as a sample, (10ml) and it was gone the same day! A definite re-order! Thanks Juice Mafia!
Posted by Kyle S., 30th Jun 2014