Candy like blueberry, sticky and sweet, combines with vanilla and other flavors in this unique eliquid.  The inhale brings the sweet blueberry while the exhale leaves a kiss of vanilla on your tongue.  Delicious.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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4 out of 5 (based on 32 ratings)
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love it

good plain or add a little artic for excellent mint after taste
Posted by julie neuman, 16th Feb 2020


This was Awesome...great flavor, great clouds 0mg, I really was surprised and will be returning for more!
Posted by Maureen, 20th Jan 2018

My all day everyday

This is the flavor that started it all for me. Never could get in to vaping until I found this juice. The blueberry is there but nor overpowering. About on par with a blueberry muffin. Not a fake, candy-like flavor, just very mellow and very blueberry. The vanilla hint is great. Just enough to be different from the other blueberries out there. If you want something sweet but not liquid sugar I can't recommend this flavor enough.
Posted by undefined, 13th Jun 2016

Heavier than expected

This was heavier than expected, decent flavor.
Posted by undefined, 1st Apr 2016

Delicious vape

This is the best tasting vape I ever did vaped I'm so happy I tried juice mafia ejuice I will definitely be ordering me some juice mafia ejuice every month because it's sooo freaking delicious
Posted by Christie v.teague , 16th Dec 2015

good stuff

I got this because i like blueberry juice that i have tried locally. This blew it out of the water great stuff everything the descript says good all day vape
Posted by undefined, 16th Nov 2015

Extra flavor is too throaty

The blue berry dream origanl taste was AMAZING, but if you get it with extra flavor, it burns your throat all to hell and there isnt really a taste anymore. Just the taste of vapor. Like if you ever had a humidifier and breathed in the vapor from it. I find that extra flavor with any of JM actually makes the liquid very suckish.
Posted by Justin Cantrell, 10th Nov 2015

great taste

This is out of the 2 I have my is helping me cut back on my regular cigarettes and helping me to meet my end game of quiting
Posted by undefined, 1st Oct 2015

I love blueberry!!

I am a big fan of blueberry flavored vape but although this is blueberry.... it kind of tastes like that blue cotton candy that you get at the fairs. A little too sugary for my taste but not horrible. Juicemafia carries other blueberry flavors that I love so I wanted to try this one too. I will stick with the others but still happily finished off this bottle.
Posted by undefined, 8th Jun 2015