Dreamsicle anyone? One hit will take you back to the first time you ever tasted the dripping, orange, creamy goodness. Perfect for a sweet treat or an all day vape.


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Its very smooth and has an awesome taste l. The mandarin is smooth and with a cream finish it makes me feel like a kid again
Posted by Jens Moog, 26th Aug 2018


Great orange flavor with subtle cream! Very nice.
Posted by Daniel, 31st Mar 2016

Best juice ever

it's a great juice all day vape along with peach paradise
Posted by undefined, 3rd Jul 2015

One of my new favorite juices!

I was back and forth about ordering this flavor because of another review saying that you couldn't taste the cream, but I'm so glad I did order it! The cream is very subtle but it is there if I can put this down long enough to let it steep I'm sure the flavor will only get better! I got this bottle earlier this week and just ordered another! I got mine in a 50ml bottle, 0 nicotine, max vg, with an extra flavor shot, and I've been Vaping in my Atlantis V2! Thanks for listening!
Posted by JellyBean1010, 2nd Jul 2015


i LOVE orangecicles in real life, so ofcourse i have tried to find ejuice that tastes the same. now i know no ejuice can taste exactly like the product(with the exception of juicemafia ofcourse lol)but every orange cream ejuice i have tried has always tasted the same. they all are way to oarangie and not too creamy. this juice is good, but its not what im looking for. but if u like orange then you WILL like this.
Posted by Steven Freitag, 4th Jul 2014