It's peppermint, with a twist!  On the inhale you get a touch of sweetness and vanilla, on the exhale you get the fresh peppermint taste.  Tasty enough to keep you wanting more, light enough to be an all day vape.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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Best juice ever

My favorite I moved 800 miles away and now I have to order but you gotta do what you gotta do.
Posted by Julie, 27th Dec 2018

Taste as described

Taste just like peppermint candies, smooth exhale,very delicious.
Posted by Bucktoothal, 31st May 2017

Peppermint Twist

I like that it doesn't have the actual tobacco flavor. It doesn't make me want an actual cigarette, it's been a year. I have been able to cut my nicotine level in half.
Posted by Sherrye Black, 9th May 2017

Peppermint Twist

Copy, Copy! I was lucky enough to find this flavor early on in my quest. After trying a couple dozen flavors I hit on this one. I'm vaping to quit too. After 4 months I'm down to 3MG and about to start my 1.5 MG. Can't wait, considering I've smoked menthol analog for more years than I want to admit. Many years! Not sweet, not to cool, great taste with great sensation. I've just received my 0.00MG big bottle. Fast ship too. Once on 0.0 I hopt to simply start taking less hits
Posted by randav, 4th Apr 2017

Amazing taste

This is hands down the best tasting juice I've ever had. I will be back to get more and keep this as an every day vape juice.
Posted by Sheena, 2nd Apr 2017


Wonderful smooth flavor. Hint of vanilla at the end is good finish. Highly recommend
Posted by undefined, 15th Jun 2016

only kind I will use

I absolutely love this flavor, and I will go no place else to get my "juice"
Posted by Sherrye , 5th May 2016

The only juice I use!

I found this juice about 18 months ago and fell in love! I have tried probably over 20 different juices trying to match this one without success and gave up! I love that I can get nice big bottles and the shipping is super fast! Great product from a great company!
Posted by Kelly Beikss, 1st May 2016

2nd to None!

Having tried 50-60 juices because my friend owns a Vape shop & is always giving me free products to try nothing compares to Juicemafia's Vape Juices, especially my favorite the Peppermint twist! The flavor's are ridiculously good the The subtle hint of vanilla compliments the refreshing yet never over powering peppermint flavor. Together they are so creamy, smooth, refreshing and delicious I don't normally like vanilla flavoring but the quality of theirs taste like the finest high end vanilla I've ever tasted. I love Peppermint twist so much that I always have a backup bottle & when I open that one it's time to hop online & order more! I like a few other Juicemafia premium juices but this one will most likely be my ADV forever! My only complaint iis with the plastic bottle because of the shape it's impossible to get every last drop out & while it isn't much their juices are so good you'll hate leaving even a drop!
Posted by Squirrelzipper , 22nd Apr 2016