You'll be looking for your eye patch after you taste this fruity and delicious mix of summery and tropical fruits.  A sweet pineapple and strawberry start with a light peach finish.  Its refreshing, and perfect to enjoy on a lazy summer day, or while you're pillaging and plundering.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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5 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings)
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Great juice

This pirate punch is very good made the mistake of ordering such a small bottle the first time. Flavor is mild even with extra added but in turn your builds or drop in coils won't gunk up so fast like alot of heavy tasting flavors definitely give it a try
Posted by Jesse , 15th Mar 2019

Best Juice Hands Down

I've been vaping for several years and my struggle has always been that I plain enjoy 50/50 blend juices more than 70/30, 80/20. Juice Mafia allows this option and that is why they are my go-to company. Hands down! Pirate punch is definitely my favorite juice from them, tastes just like the label and description state. Fan for life of Juice Mafia juices!
Posted by Kara, 8th Mar 2018


Nice, sweet N smoothe.
Posted by Robert Scena, 24th Apr 2017


Pirate punch is sweet but not strong. For a 100% vg it was expected but. Really doesn't have much flavor. Light sweetness.
Posted by undefined, 18th Feb 2016


Good but at sometimes can't taste it
Posted by undefined, 6th Feb 2016

I need more

Very nice full bodied fruit flavors without any 'artificial' fruit flavors. Really good choice for sweet-ish fruit seekers. Great clouds also
Posted by Dan A., 15th Dec 2015


Delicious flavor!
Posted by evilworks, 26th Oct 2015

Cloud Collection Set-Off The Fire Alarms!!!

I just received my Pirate Punch today in the Cloud Collection, so I quickly filled-up my Triton Sub-Ohm Tank, and started blowing clouds. Within 5 minutes my room was filled with CLOUDS of vapor, I didn't even notice it until the Smoke Alarm went off. And then all HELL broke loose, the security guard was pounding on my door, then a few minutes later I was hearing Fire Engine Sirens, and then the Fire Men were pounding on my door. Ughhhhh.....What a Nightmare! It's 12:30am and my Pirate Punch woke up half the neighborhood. Okay, so I guess that covers Vapor Production. As far as Flavor goes, this stuff is TOP NOTCH!!! Much better than my local vapor shop or any of the other shops in town who are selling High-Priced Brand Name liquids. Juice Mafia definitely has Flavor Covered with Pirate Punch. To describe the flavor, and I got extra flavor, with 6 mg nic, and Max VG, flavor is OUTSTANDING...I can't believe how great this stuff is, a Beautiful Fresh Fruity Pineapple followed by some fruit flavors. Granted I just received my 100 ml bottle earlier today and I have not aired it or let it steep, although it was in the mail for 4 days, it was a weekend, so it did have some time to steep. I honestly don't think this needs any more steeping, I can't imagine it getting any better. It's slightly sweet and tart and tastes just like Freshly cut Pineapple followed by other Fruits. If you're looking for Clouds, look no further, you've found them. And if a Fresh Fruity Pineapple Tropical Fruit Flavor is what you're after, Pirate Punch has all of that, and probably alot more if I let it steep. Cheers To Juice Mafia. You Guys ROCK!!!
Posted by Dan from Wisconsin, 14th Oct 2015

light fruity punch

A not overwhelming fruity punch, which I appreciate. I ordered double flavor, and I'm really glad I did, because it was just enough flavor for me that way. It definitely was not too strong of a flavor. I like the complexity of the different fruits. I would say I mostly tasted a tropical/fruit punch flavor with a touch of pineapple. The only way I think this would be better is if it had a touch of iciness, like one of the "freeze" flavors offered by Juice Mafia.
Posted by badmamjam, 11th Oct 2015