Honey cured tobacco meets butterscotch.  The classic tobacco, with sweet undertones of sugar cane and molasses meets a buttery, smooth, butterscotch exhale.  If you like a mild, sweet tobacco, you will love our Scotch Tobacco.

100% VG Base.


5 out of 5 (based on 8 ratings)
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Great taste

I have gone down to zero nicotine and have to say that the flavor remains the same. That's definitely a plus in my book on quality of this flavor. This is my go to juice for all day vaping. Thank you JM for providing a great 100% VG non fruit flavored juice. I definitely recommend and will keep ordering.
Posted by CHRISTINE C MASON, 4th Feb 2018


This is the best flavor I have ever tasted. It's a very mild butterscotch flavor and has a sweet taste. I have tried over 50 flavors from various makers. It's good all day long. Thanks mafia and I am about to reorder.
Posted by Mike, 26th Jan 2018

My favorite flavor so far...

Juime Mafia has been my go to for 100% VG juice for the last couple of years now and I have to say that this one has such a smooth flavor and great taste. I usually buy 100ml at a time and down to the last drop it maintains it's flavor throughout.
Posted by Christine, 5th Nov 2017

Great Clouds

This product is a perfect blend and Vapes well with all builds and cotton. Very clean and full of flavor, it's a Vape all day type plus pushes out huge Cloud's. My other favorite is their Baller Blend if you like that rich, coffee, caramel and vanilla another great one to Puff all day
Posted by Matt.R, 4th Feb 2016


Classic tobacco flavor with excellent throat hit along with a very different and savory butterscotch flavor makes an unbelievable juice. I love Baller Blend Tobacco but I now have a second favorite. Highly recommended if you're looking for a real tobacco flavor with that perfect amount of sweetness.
Posted by Ron, 28th Dec 2015

Can't get enough.

I just can't seem to get enough of Juicemafia's tobacco lineup and scotch tobacco is no exception. This is a great tobacco flavor ejuice with perfect amount of sweet buterscotch.
Posted by Rick Bush, 25th Nov 2014

Scotch Tobacco VG

Another great vape juice. I highly recommend this flavor to those looking for that sweet tobacco taste.
Posted by Greg Aguilera, 10th Nov 2014

What's your secret?

Juice mafia must have been given the secret for tobacco flavored e-juice from the vape goods themselves because they just can do no wrong when it comes to tobacco flavores and Scotch tobacco is no different. Great tobacco flavor with butterscotch,the vapor production is thick and dense and the throat hit is perfect... imo
Posted by Rick Bush, 25th Oct 2014