This vape is dead on with the perfect flavor. The sweet, yet slightly tart taste comes through perfectly. It's very tasty but light enough to be an all day vape for any candy lover.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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5 out of 5 (based on 15 ratings)
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thee best juice on the market !

I by chance on a trip to Indiana stopped by the store and picked up a couple flavors of juice smarty pants being one of them . I was very impressed . Not only were the guys at the store friendly and helpful but the juice was out of this world good. I ordered it about a month later and it was different I had added extra flavor and asked for max vg . I'm not sure if that was my problem but I had to order one more time to see if it was a fluk and I would be able to taste that sweet tart from the heavens taste again . YES!!! I ordered it regular and 50/50 and it was perfect . I'm so glad to be able to say I will only order my juice from juice mafia ! I was also happy to see that Sarah took the time to to send a personal response to my worries about the last batch and was quick to let me know she would do her best to be sure I was taken care of . Thanks juice mafia for leaving me one happy customer! You guys and gals are rock stars !
Posted by Mr.G , 6th Jun 2016

loving it

It's by far my favorite. I'm stuck on this and I'm glad. No more searching for me
Posted by chris, 2nd May 2016


The flavor to me is just like a purple smartie. Definitely going to keep this one in the rotation.
Posted by undefined, 23rd Aug 2015

Tastes like Im munchin on candy

This stuff is awesome; on the inhale, you can a strong sweet/tart taste and on the exhale you might think you just ate some smarties. The smell is amazing, very fruity. Reminds me a lot of Pez the candy. Great buy, great flav.
Posted by Miguel, 6th Jul 2015


Can't get over how good this is. Lovin it
Posted by undefined, 7th May 2015

Love this

I don't vape anything else. I stick with this juice and it keeps me off cigs. Try it
Posted by Chris, 24th Apr 2015

great taste

Great taste
Posted by undefined, 31st Dec 2014

amazing flavor

It actually taste just like smartys the inhale is smooth with a hint of flavor but when you exhale it just punches your mouth with flavor definitely recommend this juice
Posted by Darren, 11th Dec 2014

Not what I expected

I'm a Smarties junkie, I eat them daily, so I was excited to taste this eliquid. I went by the reviews and those who reviewed it must of never eaten Smarties in their life. This flavor tastes exactly like unsweetened Grape Pixie Stix with a nasty chemical after taste. I first tried dripping it but the flavor was too strong. Then I put it in a Kayfun but got the same result, flavor too strong. Plus it's not sweet at all, if it's a candy flavor it has to be sweet. I diluted it with VG and added sweetener hoping I could maybe get it to taste good in Kanger tank , it was better but that nasty chemical after taste was still there. I have been vaping for about three years now so I've tasted 100's of flavors and this one didn't live up to the previous reviews. This flavor may taste better in a carto tank but I stopped using those three years ago. It's too bad I can't even use this as a mixer because of that chemical after taste. Oh well another unvapable 30 ml bottle to go into the collection, good thing it was cheap.
Posted by iceberg6000, 2nd Nov 2014