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Some vapers are just not into big, bulky box mods. If that's you, then you're going to want to check out the NEW Stick Prince Kit by SMOK.

Featuring the trendy new TFV12 Prince tank, the Stick Prince Kit provides you with a portable setup that can vape BIG clouds. It has a pen-style shape that's very comfortable to hold and easy to take out on-the-go. On top of that, maintenance is easy! Just replace the coil when it goes bad and you're back in action. So if you want a powerful pen-style kit, check out the Stick Prince 3000mAh Starter Kit (with TFV12 Prince) by SMOK

Simple One-Button Vaping with the Stick Prince Battery Mod

Boasting a huge 3000mAh internal battery capacity, the Stick Prince is designed to keep you vaping for hours. Its one-button design is great for beginners. Just press the button and inhale! And when you run out of battery life, easily charge it via USB.

No Settings Needed! Mech Mod Style Unregulated Direct Power Output

On the Stick Prince, the amount of power you push into your tank will be based on your coil resistance and battery life. This means that at full battery life, you will experience max power (comparable to around 70W). To keep you as safe as possible, the power will lessen as your battery life goes down. If the included 0.17 Ω M4 is too much power for you, pick up higher resistance coils here.

Experience the Best Vape Tank Technology with the TFV12 Prince

The TFV12 Prince is a mid to high wattage subohm tank designed to get you the best vape. It has a smaller shape than the original TFV12, but produces better flavor and a huge amount of vapor. Its simple replaceable coil maintenance and easy top fill method makes this great for beginners to get into vaping BIG clouds, but also awesome for experienced vapers looking for a great subohm tank. 

Bulb-shaped Pyrex Glass for a HUGE 8mL Tank Capacity

With great power comes great juice consumption. That's the thing about awesome tanks like the TFV12 Prince - high wattage vaping means you use more vape juice. To get around this, SMOK has pre-installed their Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube #2 into the TFV12 Prince. Because it bulbs out to a wider diameter, you get to take more juice with you - Up to 8mL! Just watch out - the bulb shaped glass stands wider than the Stick Prince battery mod. If you drop your kit, you may break the glass. Pick up replacement glass here.