A juicy burst of strawberry goodness, the perfect ADV for all strawberry lovers.  This strawberry is smooth and sweet and sure to please.


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Sweet strawberry

An excellent and refreshing flavor that is very on point with it's flavor pallette.
Posted by Chase, 28th Oct 2019

Sweet Strawberry 6

Love this flavor, next time I'll add the extra flavor!!
Posted by Mandi, 10th Aug 2019

A really great flavor

Every other Strawberry flavor I have tried did not suit me. They were either too tart or other flavors were added to the juice and I could not taste enough of the Strawberry flavor. I decided to try this flavor based on the word, "Sweet". And it is, this is the BEST Strawberry flavor I have tried in years. I use a Vision Spinner 2, with Kanger SOCC 2.2 cotton atomizers. I like this kind of Atty, you can clean them over and over to get the gummy part on the coils clean, and then they work like new. I have a lot of Attys that have lasted over a year! I have the battery at 4.3 volts for this flavor, it tastes the best at that setting. This vape is a clean, sweet Strawberry, almost like when you eat Strawberries with sugar sprinkled on them. But it does not quite come to that, it is like eating a Strawberry that is very mature but not spoiling yet. To me, this flavor tastes just right. Thanks, JM, you got this perfect :)
Posted by Tlynn, 13th May 2018