A blend of three melons come together in this refreshing ejuice. Sweet, thirst quenching, and delicious, just like a melon ball salad at a summer picnic. Tre Melone is a great vape for fruit lovers or anyone looking for a true, non candied melon based vape.

100% VG Base.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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5 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings)
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Spot on flavor just amazing flavor.
Posted by Joe, 1st May 2018

Tre Melon

I ordered this for the first time and was disappointed in the flavor, or lack there of. Every once in a while if you dry hit real hard prior to taking your normal hit. You get a taste of the flavor but for the most part there isn't much. I know with a fruit flavor and 100VG its tough to get a strong taste. God cloud vapor a little harsh on the throat, was hoping with 100VG this would be less.
Posted by Stich, 15th Aug 2017

Really Good

Like all the other e juice I purchased here this one is good too. Nice sweet not too sweet and refreshing huge cloud love it too
Posted by Shawna, 23rd Feb 2017

Very nice

Who needs to buy melons when you got this. It's like your readying then soy all the flavor this stuff has. It's mouth watering bliss. I love juice mafia and everything they make. My #1 site. And I got my juice in just a couple days. I got it in 3 nic and extra shot. One of my favorites
Posted by undefined, 21st Jan 2016

Melon x vibrance v2

This juice is still one of my favorites. I loved it a lot the first time, yet, I love it even more now that you guys have switched your nic. It's so much lighter to vape on now! & it still makes my mouth water.
Posted by Max, 12th Sep 2015

Great taste.

I have never ordered juice on the line before but for the price I figured why the hell not. I was really surprised how well it tasted and they hit the nail on the head with the flavor as well. I would recommend to everyone to order.
Posted by undefined, 6th Apr 2015

Melon delight.

Makes my mouth water every time. I love it when the flavors hit me like that. This and cumulus have been perfect as my advs, switching between the two. 6 nic / xtra shot.
Posted by Max Fadden, 27th Mar 2015


This has been the best vape juice I've tried. Best flavor, most dense clouds, I used it up too fast now I have to order more! I highly recommend this juice. I got it with 3mg nic and extra flavour.
Posted by Robert B., 14th Dec 2014


Melon goodness....
Posted by ed, 9th Dec 2014