Our house blend tobacco, there are amazingly well layered flavors that come together in this complex juice. This is a true tobacco flavor with hints of cocoa and coconut. It's like vaping a rare tobacco from a deserted Carribean island. A truly unique vape, it will keep you satisfied all day.

100% VG BASE


5 out of 5 (based on 11 ratings)
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lots of coconut taste
Posted by Michael, 12th Aug 2018

Surprisingly good

I wasn't expecting such a rich full bodied tobacco flavor. Great all day vape.
Posted by Curt, 10th Sep 2017


I tend to go for tobacco flavors so I decided to try this juice.....all I can say is it's EXCELLENT.....great flavor....good vapor....nice throat hit (@12mg)
Posted by Dave, 1st Jul 2016

Greatr tasting blend

Hints of fruit, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, butterscotch, tobacco. It's like a different flavor with each hit.
Posted by BucktoothAl, 22nd Jun 2016

Oh, and one more thing......

I forgot to say something in my review just below this one....I let my mom try this flavor and she LOVES it too. Gave her a supply of it so she can enjoy this while waiting for her own bottle of WOW IS THIS STUFF GOOD! to arrive.
Posted by Debra, 28th Apr 2016

This Is Really Great!

When I was hovering over the "Add to Cart" I almost left the page. I love coconut but thought this would be like a pina coloda type thing, I am glad I decided to take a chance on this. I get the cocoa on the inhale and the coconut on the exhale. Really nice, and I took a cue from other vapers and added about 4 drops of Baller Blend (which is my favorite anyways) and it works nicely with this. Thanks JM!
Posted by Debra, 27th Apr 2016

1000% grade mofo n grade a

by far The best tobacco blend available
Posted by undefined, 13th Mar 2016


Damn 100%vg of goodness
Posted by ed, 9th Dec 2014


I taste mostly sweet-something, hint of butterscotch but it needs more tobacco flavor. Don't get any tropical at all. Of course taste is subjective. I mixed it with the Baller Blend and it's good
Posted by undefined, 9th Oct 2014