Our own special Turkish blend straight from the Ottoman Empire. On the inhale you get a rich, earthy Turkish tobacco flavor, on the exhale you get a sweeter taste with notes of honey or sugar cane. This is a great choice for the beginning vaper looking for that tobacco taste. Its also a great juice for an all day vape.


5 out of 5 (based on 28 ratings)
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Turkish Tob

This is my 24/7 ejuice. Reminds me of real cigs. I love it!!!
Posted by waynena allen, 27th Oct 2019

Turkish Tob

I use this almost exclusively 24/7. It seems to satisfy my cravings for a regular cigarette. Price is great too.
Posted by Nena , 16th Aug 2019


This has been my all day GO TO for a few years!! I'm now using the Vintage and now have 2 super flavors!!!
Posted by Nena, 20th Oct 2018

Turkish Tobacco

Best juice that I've ever used...VERY close to my old cigarette brand...
Posted by JAS, 15th Mar 2018

Turkish blend!!

Fantastic! I just received mine today, and I'm extremely happy. Very clean vape. I'm extremely sensitive to contaminates of any sort in Ejuice and had no problems vaping this at all. Superb job you guy's, my whole family tried this out, and my son in law bought the vanilla vg, which was phenomenal!! Juice Mafia is going to be our new source of Ejuice. Hats off to you guy's!!!
Posted by Casey Wolfe, 12th Feb 2018

Best Tobacco in the business

been buying the turkish tobacco for almost 4 yrs now. it is still the best out there imo. sometimes i mix a little peach or maybe vanilla custard with it. it is always a great vape for me. especially when i 'think' i am craving a stinky. thanks juice mafia for this great and affordable product.
Posted by jo, 19th Jun 2017


This juice is great and ADV for me.
Posted by Andrew, 4th May 2017

tobacco taste with some sweetness

Turkish tobacco was recommended to me by a youtube reviewer Smokie, its got a sweet tobacco taste, nothing I've ever tried from anywhere ever taste like a cigarette but this should keep you under control, this and quindicci KeansburgMark
Posted by undefined, 14th Jun 2016

Great Turkish!

This is a terrific Turkish tobacco juice with just about the perfect amount of sweetening and the tobacco flavor very mild and enjoyable.
Posted by James, 11th Feb 2016