Q. Why am I being asked to verify my age?

FDA regulations require that any company that sells electronic cigarette products must verify that all purchasers are at least 18 years of age.  What's more, they require that all vendors verify anyone under the age of 27 with a photo ID and demonstrate that they have possession of the photo ID.  They also require that all vendors verify a purchaser each time they make a purchase, even for repeat customers.
We understand that this new process is frustrating, especially for our long time customers.  We appreciate your continued support as we adjust to the growing number of state and Federal regulations.


Q. Why is my order not going through? 

If your card is being declined 99% of the time its one of two problems:
1) You have insufficient funds.
2) The billing address you entered doesn't match the billing address on your card.
Have you recently moved?  Try entering your old address in the billing section and your new address in the shipping section.

Q. What is the difference between Cloud Collection, Regular Line, and Premium Line?

A. Regular Line contains a base liquid of 50PG/50VG.  The addition of flavoring may add additonal PG, as some flavorings also contain PG. Premium Line utilizes premium, more expensive flavorings, and generally contain more depth and complexity than our standard flavorings.  Our Cloud Collection utilizes super concentrated flavorings that contain no PG.  These flavors use a 100% VG base and a small percentage of flavoring. On average, these flavors have approximately 99% VG and 1% of the super concentrated flavoring.

Q. What is Max VG?

A. If the Max VG option is selected, your juice will be mixed with the required amount of flavoring and then a 100% VG base on top of that.  The VG content will vary from 70-100% depending on the particular flavor.  No unnecessary PG will be added.  To see the flavors that are available with no PG at all, see the category titled PG Free Juice in the navigation menu.  These flavors contain no PG, just VG and a small percentage of super concentrated flavoring.


For FAQ related to electronic cigarettes and e-liquid in general, please click here. ECIG FAQ