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The simplest ingredients can create the most stunning results. It's not an exotic recipe that makes a great vanilla custard, it's the technique of an experienced chef. Our vanilla custard juice clearly brings home that rich vanilla flavor. It's extremely creamy, sweet, and incredibly decadent. You won't be able to put it down. This is easily an all ADV for any vanilla lover.

Lab tested and certified to be free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

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  • 5
    Great all day vape.

    Posted by Jeff Blaze on 3rd May 2016

    This is the best vanilla juice I've ever had. I will be ordering more.

  • 5
    Best. Custard.Yet

    Posted by OG_Ferrari on 7th Mar 2016

    Best vanilla custard to date. simple at that .
    (Let it sit for one to two weeks to get the most out of it, you won't regret it)

  • 5
    never disappointed

    Posted by Paul Moye on 21st Feb 2016

    Everything I've gotten from juice mafia has always been top notch. That's about 2-3 years of purchases and after all of that I can honestly say they are a cut above.

  • 5
    started with a 3 star until the magic of steeping

    Posted by Eric on 29th Jan 2016

    I ordered a whole slew of the available juices on this site. As I think many of us do I immediately opened all 9 bottles to smell. The custard smelled like coffee and I put a few drops on an atty. I wasn't impressed. The liquid was also clear at this point. I know custard needs time and love. Placed it for steeping. It broke down turned vanilla color and bam. I immediately cleaned my kayfun and filled it up. Easily I'm my top 5 of custards. Just steep it til it's dark. It's awesome.

  • 4
    my favorite juice from juicemafia

    Posted by Jcmed915 on 10th Jan 2016

    Nice custard smooth ,thick and rich right out of the bottle. With a little steeping should only get better.

  • 5
    I got a good problem

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Oct 2015

    I always order 200ml of berry crunch and decided to try a 15ml of vanilla custard. Now I got a new favorite. Next time I have to order this too. Big mahalo to the crew of Juice Mafia. P.s. Maybe you should send a small sample of your new creations to your regular patrons. It's a good way to get us addicted to your variety.

  • 5
    great flavor but a little over priced.

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2015

    vanilla custard is the easiest flavor and should be as cheap as the rest but it's 40.

  • 5
    nice flavor

    Posted by Rell on 21st Sep 2015

    Nice and smooth flavor. Ordered max vg at 3mg nic, vaping with subtank mini .5ohms at 20w. Taste like capella custard flavoring with no sweetener or other flavors added. Very good, but not complex enough for me.

  • 5
    The best Vanilla Custard!

    Posted by 408 cloud blower on 13th Sep 2015

    I've gone through about eleven 100 ml bottles of this since I first discovered this juice line. I prefer the 75/20 ratio. It's really smooth and delicious. Every time I try another Vanilla custard I always feels it just doesn't compare. I even mix it with other juices I've bought else where and it always makes them better.